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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Weekend Update: New Bookmarklet, New WordPress Plugin Version

{topsy_retweet_button} We’ve got two new things for you to play around with this weekend. First off, we just released our new Topsy Trackbacks Bookmarklet. This item allows you to go from any web page straight to Topsy’s trackback summary for that page. You can instantly see who’s tweeting about the page, and what they’re saying. […]

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WordPress Plugin Updated: Version 0.9.1

{topsy_retweet_button} We’re hard at work improving our new plugin for WordPress, and today marks our first upgrade. We’re big fans of the open-source software motto of “release early and often”, and so we’ve already found some ways to improve the plugin. We’ve gotten rid of the English-language “On Twitter, (someone) said” text, so the text […]

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Announcing the Topsy WordPress and Browser Search Plugins

{topsy_retweet_button} The long-awaited Topsy plugin for WordPress is now available for beta testing. When people tweet about your blog post, the plugin automatically discovers the tweet via Topsy and embeds it in the comment section of the blog post. Tweets are integrated as “native” WordPress comments: they follow your blog’s theme and become an integral […]

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