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Announcing the Topsy WordPress and Browser Search Plugins

October 9, 2009

The long-awaited Topsy plugin for WordPress is now available for beta testing.

When people tweet about your blog post, the plugin automatically discovers the tweet via Topsy and embeds it in the comment section of the blog post. Tweets are integrated as “native” WordPress comments: they follow your blog’s theme and become an integral part of the conversation on your blog. The effect is too wonderful to describe and the Topsy plugin is currently the only plugin for WordPress that is able to do this.

We have a lot planned for this plugin, but the first beta version is now available. If you run a WordPress blog, we encourage you to try it out now.

Learn more about the Topsy WordPress Plugin

In addition, we’ve just released a Topsy browser search bar plugin for browsers that support the OpenSearch standard. You’re probably used to searching Google (or some other search engine) from the search bar in the top right corner of your browser — now, you can add Topsy to the list of engines your browser recognizes.

The search bar plugin works in Firefox 3.0 and greater, and in Internet Explorer 7.0 and greater. In Google Chrome, you may have to make Topsy the default search engine in order to get any use out of the plugin.

Learn more about the Topsy Browser Search Plugin

We plan to have a few other useful widgets and plugins available in a few more weeks, too. In the meantime, be sure to let us know what you think of these two.

Posted by rishab