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WordPress Plugin Updated: Version 0.9.1

October 13, 2009

We’re hard at work improving our new plugin for WordPress, and today marks our first upgrade. We’re big fans of the open-source software motto of “release early and often”, and so we’ve already found some ways to improve the plugin.

We’ve gotten rid of the English-language “On Twitter, (someone) said” text, so the text of the comment is just the tweet text itself. This means international bloggers using other languages no longer have to hack the plugin code to change the wording. In addition, the plugin now respects the Otter API’s rate limits, and reports its version number in the settings screen. (Click “Topsy Widgets” under the “Settings” menu in your blog dashboard to see what version you’re running. If it doesn’t give a version number, you’re on the initial, v0.9.0, release.)

To upgrade to version 0.9.1 of the Topsy plugin, just click here to download the install file. Unzip it, and copy the “topsy” directory into your WordPress “plugins” directory. Yup, it’s just like an install, and you don’t even have to deactivate and reactivate the plugin.

More improvements should be coming very soon — we’ve got a lot planned for this software!

Posted by rishab