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Topsy Now Supports Native Retweets

December 14, 2009

Today we’re launching a new feature on Topsy that we’re really excited about. We have enabled Twitter OAUTH to allow users to log in to Topsy via their Twitter account. This integration allows us to support more Twitter features on our site. The first OAUTH enabled feature that we’re launching is native Twitter retweets. This feature will allow users that have logged in to retweet from a Topsy page with a single click – cool!

If you check out the example trackback page below, you’ll see the login button in the top right and retweet buttons associated with the various tweets shown on the page. When you’re not logged in, clicking on a retweet button will forward you to Twitter where you can send the retweet via the Twitter web interface. When you are logged in, the retweet buttons will send native Twitter retweets instead, giving you the seamless ability to retweet from a Topsy page without being redirected to Twitter.

Example trackback page:

We’re really excited about this release because it lays the foundation for a bunch of additional features that we’re working on for the Topsy site and for our plugins. Our next release is coming soon, but in the meantime send us feedback with your feature requests and we’ll see what we can do. Have fun retweeting!

Posted by vipul