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Topsy Alerts

March 3, 2010

Today we launched Topsy Alerts, a free service that provides email updates for new content posted on Twitter, bringing the full power of the Topsy search engine to your inbox.

Using Topsy Alerts, you can track mentions of your brand, event, name, site, or favorite topic being talked about on Twitter and stay on top of the conversation, even on the go. Topsy Alerts are sorted according to the influence of the Twitter users that mention the tracked topic, ensuring that the most relevant hits are on top, and they are designed to be easy to read and forward with any email client, including smartphones.

Any search query on Topsy can be made into an alert, so you can target your alerts with precision while covering as many topics as desired. You can sign up for an unlimited number of alerts, so don’t be shy. Instead, let us do the work of finding you the best content on your favorite topics, and sign up now!

To sign up for Topsy Alerts, visit, enter your search terms, and click the Alerts button on the right. We’ll send you a confirmation email. That’s it! A screenshot is shown below:

Topsy Alerts sign-up form.

Posted by vipul