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The Streaming Retweet Button

April 13, 2010

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released a streaming version of the Topsy Retweet Button. The streaming feature is designed to help highlight the hottest stories on your site and encourage retweeting by providing a “live” indicator of how many times your stories are being shared while your users visit your site.

You can use the streaming feature together with any existing button style or feature.

Here is a sample of how the streaming button looks and acts – this sample pretends that a new person retweets this page every 5 seconds.

Streaming is a supported option for both the WordPress and JavaScript retweet buttons. To learn more about how to turn on streaming in the JavaScript button, see the online documentation. To use streaming buttons in the WordPress version, upgrade to the new version 1.2.3, then activate the “Streaming” checkbox in your settings page.

Posted by eddie