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Topsy Expert Search: A New Way to Find Twitter Users

July 14, 2010

Over 100M people are posting on Twitter, on a great diversity of subjects and interests. Because of this diversity and the large numbers it is particularly hard to find the right people to follow. Suggested User Lists are available, but they typically include a small number of suggestions, and a limited set of topics to choose from.

At Topsy, we’ve been working on solving this problem using an algorithmic approach and are excited to release Topsy Expert Search, which lets you discover knowledgeable, interesting and active users on any keyword or terms. Expert Search ranks results based on influence and topical focus, and works for any topic, however obscure – you just have to enter the search terms.

Here are some topics to try: birding, wildlife photography, house music, vegan recipe, nosql, wine tasting, broadway

Topsy expert search is also a great way to find people associated with a brand, company or organization: eg: sea shepherd, pixar, arm cpu, porsche 911

Expert search is available to application developers through our excellent Otter API:

Enjoy and share the list of experts you discover!

Posted by eddie