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Topsy Announces New Way to Help Retain Site Traffic

April 30, 2011

Today, Topsy is announcing the newest of our Social Modules, the Domain Module, as a means for online publishers to generate more pageviews and keep traffic on their sites longer.   After listening to our community of Social Module users, we specifically designed this module as a simple, yet powerful, tool to help keep visitors further engaged.

Leveraging Topsy’s proprietary influencer algorithm, the Domain Module enables online publishers to show content from social influencers that exclusively references links on their domain.   By presenting high quality tweets related to site links, visitors are encouraged to click on and explore more site posts.

When customizing your Domain Module, you have the option to show the overall trending links from your domain and related tweets, or you can elect to display your trending links and related tweets about a specific topic.  If The New York Times, for example, embedded a Domain Module on an article about “Obama,” they could elect to display other trending NY Times links and related tweets about “Obama” within the module.  Topsy can also automatically detect your best relevant links and tweets to display based on the content of the article.  Finally, publishers can also reference multiple domains if they wish (e.g. display links and tweets for and

Our current partners have reported that Topsy’s suite of Social Modules have shown increases in user engagement by 300%, and now with the Domain Module, we are excited to see publishers further increase traffic retention on their sites.

Getting set up with your Domain Module is easy.  To get started, head over to to check them out! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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