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API Spotlight: Digg Newsrooms

December 8, 2011

Realtime measurements accessed from Topsy’s API are used by scores of organizations to decision content within applications, provide precise indicators of what’s trending and enable access to extensive historical tweet analysis. Our API Spotlight posts are designed to communicate who’s doing what with our API to spur more ideas on how to create value from Topsy’s API. This week’s Spotlight discusses Digg’s implementation in Newsrooms.

Digg is a San Francisco-based company that surfaces the most interesting articles, videos and photos as voted on by the Digg user community. Originally founded in 2004 by Kevin Rose, Digg is considered to be a leader in the social media space and is consistently one of the most trafficked sites on the web for news. Recently, Digg launched Newsrooms, which identifies the most important news around a given subject as measured by popularity across the web, and refined by top contributors. You can learn more about Newsrooms here.

When Digg decided to create Newsrooms, they needed to a way to identify the most popular headlines trending throughout the day. It was critical for the Digg community’s voice to be a factor, but it was also important to consider what was relevant in other social media circles. As a result, Digg turned to Topsy Labs to identify, in realtime, which news headlines were trending on Twitter. Topsy’s trending algorithms are based on an influence graph that determines what’s most popular right now by analyzing the number of times links are shared, how quickly links are being shared, and who shared what links. While Topsy’s trending metrics are just one piece of Digg’s larger algorithm, by using Topsy’s API for the Twitter and Google+ metrics,  “Topsy has saved Digg considerable development time and money in order to better measure and understand the social signals for content on our site,” says Ben Folk-Williams, VP of Engineering.


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