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API Spotlight – Roamz

March 8, 2012

Realtime measurements accessed from Topsy’s API are used by scores of organizations to decision content within applications, provide precise indicators of what’s trending and enable access to extensive historical tweet analysis. Our API Spotlight posts are designed to communicate who’s doing what with our API to spur more ideas on how to create value from Topsy’s API. This week’s Spotlight discusses Roamz mobile application.

Roamz is a location-based mobile application headquartered in Australia that helps people find out what is happening at places around them in realtime. With so much unfiltered noise on the social web, it’s extremely difficult for individuals to make sense of the activity that is happening around them, much less things they are actually interested in. Roamz gives users the ability to “be local by acting as a personal tour-guide to what’s going around you.”

Last Thursday, 3/1, Roamz celebrated the release of version 2, exclusively on iOS. Some of the key product enhancements introduced were larger images, deeper integration with Google maps, a simplified user flow for adding content, and commenting among Roamz users.

When Roamz was in its infancy, they needed a way to curate social activity from multiple networks and seamlessly integrate it with content contributed from their community, giving users a holistic view of what’s going on nearby. “Topsy has helped us to deliver this solution to our users in a number of ways,” says CEO Jonathan Barouch “but especially through its historical access to the Twitter firehose, which allows us to uncover analytics and information about locations collected by our platform.”

Roamz decided to work with Topsy in part due to reputation, but also due to the quality of API results, which won them over.  “Without Topsy, we’d have to use other third party data suppliers that don’t offer the same level of support or quality and directly manage relationships with those data sources,” says Barouch. “Topsy has saved us from a significant amount of additional development and research and allowed us to instead focus on building a great app.”

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