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Cory Booker and the Rise of #IStandWithObama

May 23, 2012

By now most people are probably aware of Cory Booker’s political gaffe on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday where he called Obama’s attacks on Romney’s Bain tenure “nauseating”. Booker, the Mayor of Newark and an Obama campaign surrogate, put the Obama campaign in crisis mode and set off a firestorm for himself. He has been the subject on almost every news channel over the past few days and his usual positive sentiment, as shown below from Twitter, took a hit.

Booker a prolific user of Twitter quickly took to the tweets and released the following message:

This new hashtag that Booker coined took off like wildfire and was quickly viewed by close to 45 million people in a few short hours.

The number of times the hashtag was tweeted and retweeted also went from zero to close to 20k mentions on the 21st and has since tapered off.

Posted by barry