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MLB All Star Game on Twitter

July 11, 2012

As the MLB All Star Game wraps up, and Melky Cabrera is awarded the MVP (#gogiants!), it’s the perfect time to review the game via tweets. This year’s All Star Game is particularly fit for Twitter analysis as the MLB heavily promoted their hashtag #ASG with a sign behind home plate as well as with a display on TV. ¬†Below is a minute by minute break down of the game looking specifically at the hashtag #ASG.

As you can see, there are clear spikes in activity throughout the game, driven not only by players tweeting during the game, but also by events, such as Melky’s home run. Total number of mentions for #ASG during the game, between 6:30 and 10:30, was 265,416. Matt Kemp’s tweet alone received 1,467 mentions (retweets). However, how many people potentially were exposed to the hashtag #ASG? The graph below provides details on overall exposure of #ASG and helps us identify key inflection points during the event.

As we can see as a result of the tweets from the MLB eventually the #ASG hashtag grew from 10 million potential views (earlier today) to nearly 500 million by the end of the game. Additionally by engaging the players and media, it ensured the #ASG was the main hashtag used to discuss the game ensure maximum exposure.

Finally, while the National League won 8 – 0, marking the 3rd year in a row the that NL will get home field advantages during the World Series, looking at a Share of Voice analysis to compare #NL against #AL enables us to see how the volume of conversation about each hashtag changed throughout the day and the game.

As we see, at the start of the day today #NL clearly had a larger comparative share of the conversations on Twitter. However, right around lunch time, that changes and we notice a spike in SOV for AL when user @lifeis_baseball asks #AL fans to retweet their tweet if they think AL would win. But once the game starts and NL takes a dominant lead, it’s clear the conversation moves back in favor of #NL as fans flock to Matt Kemp’s tweet and Melky’s home run.

Posted by jamie