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Election 2012: Twindex values for Swing States and Key Issues

August 10, 2012

To complement the Twitter Political Index (or “Twindex”, for short) and USA Today’s Election Meter, we will also publish a series of reports with deeper analysis such as swing state or topic-specific analysis between now and the elections in November.

In the first report of the series, we include the following:

  • historical Twindex values since May 1, 2012
  • a comparison to the Gallup job approval poll for president Obama since 2010
  • a breakdown of Twindex values for both candidates in Red, Blue and Swing states
  • a breakdown of Twindex values for these 3 topics: the Economy, Healthcare and Defense & Foreign Policy.

You can download a copy of the report right here.

We will continue to do bi-weekly updates to the Swing state analysis, as well as provide additional deep-dives as the election season unfolds. These will all be uploaded to our Election page. Stay tuned and check back often for more Twitter insights on this election, especially as we approach the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in a few weeks!

Posted by vanessa