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Over 16,000 Tweets Per Minute During #iPhone5 Launch

September 12, 2012

Apple’s newest version of the iPhone – the iPhone 5 – was officially revealed today at a San Francisco conference. This highly anticipated new iPhone gained a lot of attention on Twitter, with Tweets pouring out at over 16,000 tweets per minute during the live hour of the conference:

We used the “Discovery” tab on Topsy Pro to discover what exactly Twitter users were excited about with regards to the new iPhone. We ranked these terms by “momentum”, which is a weighted measure of Tweet volume (with a higher weight given to more recent posts). Below are some of the features of the new iPhone 5 that are behind much of the buzz on Twitter:

In addition, sentiment scores for both “iphone 5″ and #iphone5 have been steadily in positive territory and increasing over the duration of the day:

Clearly, the social Web is optimistic about the new iPhone. We can only hope that when it officially goes on sale September 21st, it will live up to the high expectations of Twitter users.



Posted by nicole