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Topsy Pro Analytics: New Features Unveiled

October 16, 2012

We are happy to announce a set of new features in our analytics tool, Topsy Pro Analytics, available starting Tuesday, October 16th.

These updates — Alerts and enhanced Geo-inference — allow any user to better stay on top of both what’s happening and where it happens. This type of insight could be applied to find headline news stories before they actually break, to figure out where stories are trending, or to better understand localized discussion around a brand. In this post, we’ll run through an example using chatter around a recently-funded startup company, RapGenius, to demonstrate Topsy Pro’s new features.

1. Alerts

In the “Alerts” tab, you can now customize a notification system for any saved topic keywords. When the tweet count or acceleration around a keyword reaches a certain threshold number, Topsy Pro will notify you via email as well as on the dashboard of the UI. Topsy will automatically suggest to you an appropriate value for your alert based on analysis of the terms in your topic in the past. Following Topsy’s suggestion will mean that you get alerted anytime there is a significant spike in your topic, but you can also enter any value you like for the alert threshold.

Seen in the image below is a sample alert set up for a saved topic, “rap genius”, which tracks mentions of both “Rap Genius” and “@RapGenius”. Topsy suggests a value of 55 for the alert, since in the past, the mean hourly mentions (plus two standard deviations) of the RapGenius brand name has not exceeded 55:

(click images for larger versions)



This Alerts feature could have been utilized to identify the news about RapGenius’s successful funding (on October 3rd) before most online magazines caught the story. Below is a screenshot of the Activity tab in Topsy Pro’s dashboard, displaying the top tweet during the initial activity spike. As this first spike was occurring, the Alerts feature would have notified the user of an hourly mentions value greater than 55.



2. Enhanced Geo-inference

This new version of Topsy Pro Analytics also has enhanced Geo-inference capabilities, including metrics at the city and state level for 25 X more Tweets than the amount tagged with specific coordinates by Twitter users. This enables a better understanding of how trends vary in localized areas, how tweets with positive or negative sentiment compare across locations, and more.

To continue with our RapGenius example, in the newly improved Geography tab, we honed in on Tweets from the United States to see which states were discussing the RapGenius brand the most. In the left panel below the map, we can compare mentions and % activity by state or city. On the right, Top Tweets for the selected state or city can also be conveniently displayed.



If, in the Geography tab, you found a city or state that was particularly interested in your brand name or keyword compared to others, you can also restrict your overall analysis in other tabs (Activity, Top Results, etc.) to Tweets from only that city or state. This can be achieved by simply typing in a city or state in the location filter. To demonstrate with our RapGenius example, since Twitter users in Texas seemed to discuss Rap Genius more than others, perhaps it would be informative to zoom in on the activity there. What are potential investors or future users of RapGenius in Texas discussing? How often do they tweet about RapGenius? To get more details about the local conversation, we simply entered ‘Texas’ into the location filter on the left (below, circled in red):



All in all, the updates here provide everyone with the power to catch relevant content as it unfolds in real-time and to hone in on exactly where the discussion matters. Learn more here about getting started with the new Topsy Pro Analytics.

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