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Obama’s Fourth #SOTU

February 12, 2013

As expected, thousands took to Twitter as people reacted to President Obama’s Fourth State of the Union (SOTU) and our second time covering the SOTU.  Below is a minute-by-minute graph for mentions of the term #SOTU and the corresponding highlights of the speech.

The official White House account (@whitehouse) also tweeted a number of hashtags during the SOTU including: #JobsNow, #ImmigrationReform, #CleanEnergy, #Education, #NowIsTheTime, #StrongMiddleClass, #MadeInAmerica, #EqualPay, and #TheyDeserveAVote.  In looking at the terms, independent of #SOTU, it is very obvious that the two most discussed terms were #NowIsTheTime and #TheyDeserveAVote – two terms related to gun control and the recent gun violence in America. 


There were many tweets from the President, the White House, and politicians with their own personal quotes and commentary from the event.  Below were the top three most retweeted tweets (at the time of printing) containing the term #SOTU just following President Obama’s speech and Senator Marco Rubio’s official GOP response. It is interesting to note that Marco Rubio’s bottle of water was quickly trending on Twitter as people commented on him awkwardly grabbing the water bottle during his speech.  Happy to see he was able to make fun of himself though.




Also of interest was the most retweeted tweet from the official White House account:


One of Topsy’s capabilities is to identify the Top Experts for a keyword over a period of time. For fun, we looked at the top three experts, sorted by relevance, and found that not surprisingly they were all related to official White House accounts and the Democratic Party.

The President laid out a very ambitious agenda covering a breadth of topics that were both controversial and applauded by many. It will be interesting to see how these proposals play out over the coming months and years ahead.  One thing we can guarantee though, is here at Topsy, we will make sure to analyze and write about what transpires, so stay tuned.

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