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Topsy Accurately Predicts 5 out of 6 Oscar Winners (updated)

February 22, 2013

Update: The Twitter Oscar’s Index correctly predicted 5 out of 6 Oscar winners, with Topsy’s sentiment analysis technology showing the power of analyzing the massive conversation on Twitter.  

If the Oscars were awarded by the Twitterverse, Silver Linings Playbook would be taking home Oscars gold on Sunday.

According to the Twitter Oscars Index – a daily measurement of Twitter users’ feelings about each of the nominees as expressed on Twitter, co-designed by Topsy and Twitter – the romantic comedy starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is the people’s choice for Best Picture.

While sentiment was most positive for Silver Linings Playbook, Django had the most overall conversations… which aligns well with the film’s box office success.

Topsy calculates these preferences by continuously tracking Twitter activity and evaluating the sentiment of the tweets mentioning each of the nominees, relative to all other tweets. For example, a sentiment score of 86 indicates that tweets about that movie or person are more positive than the tweets about 86 percent of other terms that day.

Here are all the big winners as selected by the Twitterverse. The People’s Choice winners had the most positive sentiment, while the People’s Choice Most Talked About winners had the highest volume of tweets.

Best Picture
- People’s Choice Winner: Silver Linings Playbook
- People’s Choice Most Talked About: Django

Best Actor
- People’s Choice Winner: Denzel Washington and Daniel Day Lewis (TIE)
- People’s Choice Most Talked About: Bradley Cooper

Best Actress
- People’s Choice Winner: Jennifer Lawrence
- People’s Choice Most Talked About: Jennifer Lawrence (by a land slide!)

Best Supporting Actor
- People’s Choice Winner: Christopher Waltz
- People’s Choice Most Talked About: Christopher Waltz

Best Supporting Actress
- People’s Choice Winner: Anne Hathaway
- People’s Choice Most Talked About: Anne Hathaway

Best Director
- People’s Choice Winner: Ang Lee
- People’s Choice Most Talked About: Steven Spielberg

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