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White Smoke on Twitter: Social Buzz for the New Pope

March 13, 2013

UPDATED: added a couple additional terms used to talk about the announcement and we’re now at close to 140K TPM at the peak!

As soon as the white smoke was seen pouring out of the Vatican chimney, Twitter erupted with buzz… and when the conclave named Pope Francis I, millions of people around the globe weighed in.

According to Topsy analysis, there were over 137,773 Tweets being posted per minute at the peak around 12:15PT, with over 4M total tweets in the two hours following the announcement (for a total reach of over 15 billion impressions).

Here’s a breakdown of the global conversation.

The Pope’s Twitter account @Pontifex, which had been dormant since the unusual resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, was reactivated tweeting “Habemus papam franciscum.”

Quick reporters may have caught wind of the coming announcement early when the account no longer read “sede vacante.”

Here are some of the top photos and Tweets.

Top Photos:

Top Tweets:

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