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The week according to Topsy (11/15)

November 15, 2013

Happy Friday! Here’s a quick look back at some of the top stories that hit Twitter feeds around the world this week. You can run your own analyses on any topic in Topsy Pro—set up your free 14-day trial now!

#SFBatKid saves the day

San Francisco transformed into Gotham City for a day as the Make a Wish Foundation granted five-year-old Miles’ wish to be Batman. The story quickly stole the hearts of people around the world—including President Obama. By 1:45pm, #SFBatKid reached more than 608 million potential impressions and showed no sign of slowing down. Go, BatKid, go!

Typhoon Haiyan hits Twitter

A call for water, food, and general relief to the Philippines swept the world this week as more than 11 million victims suffered in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon. The terms “Philippines” and “typhoon” were tweeted more than 460,000 times during the past week, as people took to Twitter to express sympathy and link to resources for help.

Veteran’s Day tweets illustrate Twitter’s own growth

Thanks to the growth of social media, we now love to celebrate Veteran’s Day with videos of heartwarming homecoming engagements as servicemen and women return from overseas, dogs reuniting with their owners, and dads surprising daughters. An all-time search for “Veteran’s Day” illustrates how tweets about the holiday reflect the growth of the Twitter platform itself; Veteran’s Day tweets topped one million this year.

Form a single-file line: Isabel Marant for H&M

Low-budget fashionistas have been known to show brands like Target and H&M some Twitter love as they release new designer lines. Thursday marked the launch of the highly-anticipated Isabel Marant for H&M line, forcing shoppers to join a queue due to high demand. Here’s a discovery search for the designer line’s hashtag, #HMIsabelMarant, for that day. Good luck is right, shoppers!

Movember is a hit with Minnesotans

Movember—or No Shave November—is staking its claim on chins, upper lips, and legs across the nation. Topsy Pro’s Geography tab reveals that over the past 30 days, discussion about Movember is hot in Minnesota, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Although the total number of tweets about the topic is lower in those states than in bigger states like California, it takes up a proportionately larger slice of the overall conversation in those states.

#AskJPM sparks the wrath of the Twittersphere 

In one of the most vivid recent examples of a brand-backed social stunt gone wrong, J.P. Morgan Chase was forced to cancel its Twitter promotion this week. The #AskJPM hashtag—originally created by the brand to engage within the Twitterverse—immediately sparked a maelstrom of snarky responses and was later abandoned by the brand. Some of the top results for the #AskJPM conversation this week reveal the dangers of social engagement without understanding sentiment around your brand. See more for yourself.

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Posted by Jeanne