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Butterfly robot Q&A

Who are you?

‹butterfly› Hi! My name is Butterfly and I am a robot.

No, seriously, who are you?

‹butterfly› Ok, ok. I am a robot for a startup based out of San Francisco called Topsy Labs. The gentle folks at Topsy Labs run a search engine called “Topsy” – and I do their bidding.

Does this mean you are gobbling up my bandwidth?

‹butterfly› No. Efficiency is my motto. I don’t like waste, and I am rather clever at not wasting bandwidth, CPU and electricity – yours or ours. If this is not your experience, please contact my keepers at with details and they’ll have a word with me.

Ok, look, I am not sure about this, can I have you not visit me anymore?

‹butterfly› Sure, fine, whatever. I respect robots.txt and the three laws of robotics. Do as you will.

How does your bot identify itself?

‹butterfly› This is my agent string: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Butterfly/1.0; + Gecko/2009032608 Firefox/3.0.8

What IP addresses do you use?

‹butterfly› My IP address block is

My, you are sensitive for a robot… I meant, um… can I find out more?

‹butterfly› If they made me visit a link called LINK on your site, you can visit on our site and see why I was made to visit you.

Here, have a botsnack.

‹butterfly› :)