Topsy: Instant social insight


Duncan Greatwood – CEO

Duncan has over 20 years of experience with high-technology growth companies, and brings a combination of sales, marketing, technology and operations skills to Topsy. Prior to joining Topsy, Duncan was founder and C.E.O. of PostPath, an enterprise-email-software company (acquired by Cisco Systems). Previously, Duncan held executive positions at Virata/GlobespanVirata/Conexant, including the positions of Vice President Worldwide Marketing, Vice President Corporate Development, and Vice President European Sales. Prior to Virata, Mr. Greatwood held a variety of engineering and marketing positions at Madge Networks, and was particularly involved in the development of pioneering products featuring the convergence of voice telephony and data networking. Duncan graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Oxford University, and an M.B.A. from London Business School, and holds granted and/or submitted patents in the areas of data storage, data access, and near-real-time processing.

Vipul Ved Prakash – Co-Founder and CTO

Vipul Ved Prakash is a pioneer in the field of collaborative filtering. In 2001, Prakash co-founded Cloudmark to create an Internet scale version of his open-source spam filter, Vipul’s Razor. Cloudmark crossed one billion subscribers in 2009 and is the leading worldwide platform for messaging security. Prior to Cloudmark, Prakash was an engineer at Napster and was named one of the Top 100 Young Innovators in the world by MIT Technology Review. Before moving to the Bay Area in 2001, Prakash co-founded Sense/Net, a popular ISP in India, and worked for Silicon Graphics, NIIT, BPL and TradeIndia. Prakash holds multiple patents for his work on document classification and anonymous data pooling. He sits on the Topsy board of directors and is an active contributor to the Topsy codebase.

Rishab Aiyer Ghosh – Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Rishab Aiyer Ghosh started “First Monday,” the most widely read peer-reviewed journal of the Internet, in 1995, with Ed Valauskas, Esther Dyson, and Vint Cerf. In 2000, at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, Ghosh started the Collaborative Creativity Group, the leading research group on the economics of free/open source software, Wikipedia and other forms of collaborative innovation. He has extensively researched and published how reputation works and motivates in online communities for more than 12 years, collaborating with Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and Tsinghua Universities, with grants from the US National Science Foundation and European Commission. Ghosh is also a board member of the Open Source Initiative.

Scott Banister – Co-Founder

Scott Banister co-founded IronPort, an email appliance provider, in December 2000. The company was acquired in 2007 by Cisco for US$830 million. Banister was also an early advisor and board member at PayPal, and served as Vice President of Ideas at idealab!, where he contributed numerous innovations, including the unique bid-for-placement search engine model that powers Overture. Banister is also the chairman of Zivity, a social networking site he co-founded with his wife, Cyan Banister. He was an early investor in Powerset, a startup building a natural language search engine. He is a board member for Slide, a start-up founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin. Other private equity investments include, LiveOps, Facebook,,, iLike, and Scott sits on the Topsy board of directors.

Rich Maiers – SVP Sales

With over 20 years of experience, Rich has a successful track record of building and managing high growth enterprise-class sales organizations with a focus on results. Prior to Topsy, Rich owned sales at Focus Research, where he doubled revenue in 2 years leading to a successful acquisition by Ziff Davis Media. Prior to Focus, Rich was Area Vice President of Sales for managing a third of the US Corporate Sales business. Prior roles include Vice President of Sales at AmberPoint, Area Vice President of Sales at webMethods and various sales and sales management positions at Forte Software and Franz, Inc.

Jamie de Guerre – SVP Product & Marketing

Jamie de Guerre is a passionate product and marketing strategist with experience building and leading successful customer-facing Product, Marketing and Technical teams. Prior to joining Topsy, Jamie was Chief Technology Officer at Cloudmark, a global leader in providing protection from messaging and communications threats for mobile, fixed and social networks. At Cloudmark Jamie was in charge of product strategy and was instrumental in growing Cloudmark’s business to more than 1.8 billion email, mobile and social network users around the world. Before Cloudmark Jamie was an early leader within the Program Management group for the .NET Compact Framework at Microsoft. Jamie has spoken at numerous industry events and panels in the areas of social marketing strategy, big data processing, real time data analysis, mobile security and future threat vector analyses.

Ted Cui – VP Engineering, Search Platform

Ted Cui has more than 15 years experience in software development and engineering management. He is specialized in building state-of-the-art large-scale data processing systems that are fast, robust and scalable. Before joining Topsy, Cui was the architect at Vobile Inc., where he led the development of video identification system. Prior to Vobile, he worked for IronPort Systems (acquired by Cisco) as principal engineer, building software infrastructures for the anti-spam system.

David Berk – VP Operations

David Berk has more than 15 years experience in online operations and engineering management. Prior to Topsy David was Vice President, Operations at Gazillion Entertainment, a developer and operator of massive scale online entertainment. He has held technology leadership roles at Sony, Viacom and He co-founded and was General Manager of MobyGames (acquired by GameFly). David earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from DePaul University, and an M.B.A. from Columbia University.

Board of Directors

  • John Malloy – BlueRun Ventures
  • Cameron Myhrvold – Ignition Partners
  • Scott Banister – Entrepreneur and investor
  • Duncan Greatwood – Topsy CEO
  • Vipul Ved Prakash – Topsy CTO Co-Founder

Strategic Advisor – Ron Conway