Topsy: Instant social insight

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Understand Customers, Markets and Competitors

Topsy enables business-to-business brands to measure conversations and sentiment for their brand, product, industry and competitors, and to use that insight to improve products, positioning, communications, and competitive and market understanding.

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    Find Brand and Product Experts

    Identify advocates and engage them. Find those being critical and plan to counter their message. Find the industry experts, understand what they’re saying and plan to turn them into champions.

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    Competitive Analysis

    Compare the attention products or brands are getting in Twitter. Analyze sentiment and measure the audience being reached. Uncover insights about competitor’s social media strategies.

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    Optimize Social Media Presence

    Optimize your social media plan. Learn trends, conversations and results to understand what is working for you or your competitors. Leverage the knowledge to become more effective.

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    Understand Industry Trends

    See what’s trending across your industry in realtime and leverage trends to gain exposure.