Topsy: Instant social insight

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Understand Consumers and Competitors

Topsy enables consumer brands to find and measure billions of relevant Tweets instantly. Brand managers can understand what consumers are saying about their brands, products, industry and competitors. Topsy metrics and content discovery drive design and optimization of brand offers and marketing communications.

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    Competitive Analysis

    Compare the attention products or brands are getting in Twitter. Analyze sentiment and measure the audience being reached. Uncover insights about competitor’s social media strategies.

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    Brand Monitoring

    Measure the conversation for key brand terms. See what comments are getting traction, find influencers and monitor sentiment. Report results to management and recommend changes to strategy.

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    Product Planning

    The world’s largest focus group is now instantly analyzable. See what consumers are talking about in particular geographies, measure sentiment for trends and leverage the information to optimize product strategy.

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    Optimize Social Media Strategy

    Find key influencers for your brand, product or industry. Identify and understand trends that are resonating. Leverage the information to optimize your social media outreach – from hashtags and keywords to viral videos and advertisements.