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Topsy indexes all public Twitter accounts. We can only remove your page on Topsy if your Twitter account is set to private or has been deleted. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Protect your tweets in your Twitter account settings or delete the account.
  • Go to your Topsy profile page: and click the SYNC button on the right.
  • Your page should now be deleted. After a few moments, refresh the page to verify.
    The sync should take effect within 15 minutes. However, sometimes it can take longer: please be patient! 

If your sync did not work after a few hours, please contact us.

If your account is not protected or deleted, even if we manually delete the current tweets, it will get reindexed and show up again. Click below for more info about Twitter, private accounts and search indexing from Twitter:

Why is my Twitter profile in Google search?
Twitter: About Public and Protected Accounts

Topsy automatically crawls and indexes all public Google+ posts. This means that your public posts on Google+ will get included in our index. If you want your current posts deleted, please contact us.

However, going forward, if you post on your Google+ streams publicly, they will likely show up on Topsy again. We recommend you only share things within your circles if you don’t want this to happen.

Topsy’s index automatically crawls public content posted on the social web. In doing so, we find pages that are referred to in your or other people’s tweets.

If you wish to remove pages that link to 3rd party content (such as pictures hosted on Twitpic or other services, or retweets of your tweets), we suggest you contact those services or authors.

Topsy is not responsible for content posted by others.

Topsy is a search engine powered by user generated content. Your tweets are showing up on Twitter as we index all public Twitter accounts. If you have made your account private or protected on Twitter you can go ahead and remove your data from topsy by syncing the content with your Twitter profile. To do so please navigate to and click on the sync button on the right. Please note that this may take a few minutes to complete.

If you have any issues or questions please feel free to send us a message at

We currently don’t enable deletion of specific tweets from public twitter accounts on

We are working towards enabling the functionality to let our users remove individual tweets from our side. Until we are able to do so, please send us a message at and we can help you delete your tweets.

If you have already updated your bio/name on and wish to update it on Topsy you can visit and click on the Sync button on the right. This will sync your information shown on Topsy with whats on within 24 hours.

If you wish you update your bio/name you will have to update it on and then Sync the content on via the steps described above.


More about Topsy

Topsy is a realtime search engine powered by the Social Web. Unlike traditional web search engines, Topsy indexes and ranks search results based upon the most influential conversations millions of people are having every day about each specific term, topic, page or domain queried.

Topsy Influence measures the likelihood that, each time you say something, people will pay attention.Influence for Twitter users is computed using all historical retweets: millons of real, public statements indicating who’s listening to whom. On our website, roughly the top 0.2% most influential of all Twitter users are tagged “Highly Influential”, and “Influential” tags appear for the top 0.5% most influential Twitter users.

…I’ve seen tweets with a lower number of retweets than others on that list, so how does a tweet make it to this list?

TopLinks are a live, continuously updating collection of feeds of the top 100, 1000, and 5000 new links posted every day by influential people on Twitter. Top Links are computed based on the number of tweets for each link and the aggregate influence of twitter users who have tweeted the link within the first 24 hours of the first tweet.

You can learn more about our TopLinks here:

On every search result page Topsy provides you with the count on the left which is the number of search results for that period. It is a count of tweets, uniqued by links or retweets: i.e. multiple retweets are only counted once; multiple tweets for a single url are only counted once.
As twitter is growing, and our counts are cumulative, the number of tweets for a topic can to be higher if you check it on any given day compared to the previous day, especially if you’re looking at the number over the past month.

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